MEMZI PRO 32GB Class 10 90MB/s Micro SDHC Memory Card with SD...

MEMZI PRO 32GB Class 10 90MB/s Micro SDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter for Sony HandyCam HDR-CX or HDR-PJ Series Digital Camcorders


Memzi Pro memory cards are ideal for use with all Digital Cameras, HD Camcorders and all other Digital Devices that can use Micro SDHC Memory Cards. With a Class 10 UHS-I / UHS-1 specification and up to 90MB/s* transfer speeds they are designed to be used where fast memory cards are crucial, capturing High Resolution Images and Full HD video without lag or dropped frames. Ideal if you require a High Performance memory card for your Camcorder or Digital SLR / Compact Camera.

So the card can be used in different digital devices it comes with a Full Size SD adapter that you can slot your Micro SDHC card into then in turn the adapter into other devices that have a full size SD card slot.

Supplied in sealed Green Packaging these Memzi Pro memory cards are Brand New and come supported by our 5 Year Warranty.

*Up to 90MB/s transfer speed (write speed lower), based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device.

To ensure compatibility we recommend your device has the latest software or firmware version installed.

With a Class 10 Chipset and fast data transfer speeds of up to 90MB/s* whilst meeting UHS-I / UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed 1) class 1 specification – Memzi Pro memory cards are ideal for capturing high-resolution images and ensure smooth video capture and play back even at Full HD (1920 X 1080P)
Works brilliantly with the latest Compact or DSLR digital cameras and Full HD camcorders that support Micro SDHC cards
SDHC Adapter included. Supplied in sealed Green Packaging and supported with a 5 year Memzi exchange warranty
Compatible with the following HDR-CX models: HDR-CX675 / HDR-CX670 / HDR-CX625 / HDR-CX620 / HDR-CX610, HDR-CX610E / HDR-CX540 / HDR-CX530, HDR-CX530E / HDR-CX485 / HDR-CX455 / HDR-CX450 / HDR-CX440 / HDR-CX405 / HDR-CX330, HDR-CX330E / HDR-CX240, HDR-CX240E
Compatible with the following HDR-PJ models: HDR-PJ675 / HDR-PJ670 / HDR-PJ620 / HDR-PJ610, HDR-PJ610E / HDR-PJ540, HDR-PJ540E / HDR-PJ530, HDR-PJ530E / HDR-PJ440 / HDR-PJ410, HDR-PJ350, HDR-PJ350E / HDR-PJ340, HDR-PJ340E / HDR-PJ330, HDR-PJ330E / HDR-PJ275 / HDR-PJ270, HDR-PJ270E / HDR-PJ240, HDR-PJ240E